Make your dream field together with flooring tiles 18

Make your dream field together with flooring tiles 18

Have you dreamed about a hockey field back home? Field Hockey Star offers you a special flooring tiles which help your dream hockey field back home. The tiles are durable and fast moving, so you can make the field at every possible place. 

Field Hockey Star Flooring is removable indoor & outdoor sport surface for field hockey players. It allows you to create safer training for you and your training equipment. 

The flooring tiles are tested and designed by professional field hockey players and coaches. Tiles are made perfectly durable and high quality and are easily portable and can be used anywhere for your training. The flooring can be used by virtually any field hockey player anywhere by placing it to any flat surface. The good thing that the flooring can be used outside all year long. 

 Field Hockey Star Flooring tiles can be used together with Field Hockey Star rebounder and skiller. The flooring is a good way to improve your game. 

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